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Design a space in your home for yoga, lifting, or even some cardio. S’more Space Storage is here to help you make your home gym layout condusive for your summer workout plan. Enjoying working out but not a fan of expensive gym memberships or can’t make it there everyday? Devote some of your home to a gym! Your mind, body, and home sale value will benefit.

Home Gym & Home Office Tips

Self Storage & Your Home Office

Working remotely for the first time? Maybe your business is booming and you need more space in your home office, S’more Space Storage can help! Our storage units are a great solution to make room at home. Use our interior storage units for your document storage needs or our drive up storage units for furniture storage. Find more tips for your home office layout here!

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Choose from our drive up storage and indoor, temperature-controlled storage for your home office or fitness center. Find your Landisville PA storage unit online now! Our contact-free rentals and reservations are available for all our storage units. Visit our website, call our team on-site, or stop by our storage facility near Lancaster PA, our goal is to make renting easy!

Working from has many benefits but if you are looking to spruce up your space while the family stays home this summer consider renting temporary storage. S’more Space Storage in Landisville PA is a storage facility outside Lancaster PA. Our contactless storage rentals make it easy to rent online.

See how renting temporary storage can help you around the house this summer.

  1. Use self storage to help make room for a school area and work space in the living room.
  2. Condense your office into a standing desk with a few household items.
  3. Store outdoor equipment with us and use your garage for an outdoor hangout area.
  4. Make your home office welcoming with a few plants and keepsakes.
  5. Use self storage before your move to help you stage your home.

Temporary storage at S’more Space Storage is easily rented online and ready to move in the first day. Our drive up storage units are secure behind a fully fenced property and personalized gate access. Storing more keepsakes? Consider renting temperature controlled storage.

No matter what the summer plans are, S’more Space Storage is here to help! Reserve for an upcoming move or take advantage of our contactless storage rentals online now.

Are you choosing a storage unit for your next move? S`more Space Storage offers all of the storage amenities you need at our Landisville PA facility. Our contactless storage rentals make it easier for you to rent out your next storage unit. Start your rental with us today.

Let us walk you through the online renting process and help you store today! Take a look at our quick and easy video down below to learn more about our contactless storage rentals.

Contactless Storage Rentals Video

We are Still Here to Help

Have a question about renting or need help with your online account? Our managers are here to help! Our team is still available to help answer questions or concerns and assist you during your next move. S’more Space Store offers individual customer care so you are well prepared to rent a unit from us.

In need of moving supplies or a truck? We got you covered! We offer a wide variety of supplies for your move.

Contact our store manager today if you have any questions regarding our storage unit selections and they can help provide you with a variety of options. We hope to hear from you soon!

Relocating near Lancaster PA? Our storage facility in Salunga-Landisville PA is here to help you find storage to keep everything organized and get to know our neighborhood. In between Mt. Joy and downtown Lancaster, our community is in a great spot for professionals. Downtown Lancaster has a vibrant local business hub with the oldest market it the area still thriving.

Whether looking for a new business adventure or you are calling Lancaster County home, there is plenty to do and explore!

Self Storage in Salunga-Landisville PA

If you are moving to the neighborhood or nearby in Lancaster, S’ more Space Storage is a useful resource. Our self-storage offers a safe place to store! We offer indoor temperature-controlled storage units as well as drive-up self-storage. All of our units are available for contactless storage rentals.

Prepare for a move or store your seasonal items with a storage facility in Salunga-Landisville PA you trust!

Easy Shed Organizing Ideas

Organizing shed can be tricky sometimes. If you are looking for ways to organize your shed, Smore Space Storage has found out easy and creative shed organizing ideas which will make your life a little less stressful. Make the most of your storage space in a shed with these ideas.

Shed Organization Ideas

  • Shed doors can be used to store a lot of stuff with just a few hooks.
  • Drill scrap pieces of PVC pipes on the board and then attach it to the wall. Use that place to store all your long-handled tools.
  • Make a garden supply storage. They tend to end up everywhere. Use old creates to put small bags of soil, pots, and watering cans.
  • Jars can be really helpful to store all loose items like nail or screws. Pick any size jar and screw the lid to the bottom end of a shelf or cabinet.
  • Pegboards can be used to store most of your tools. Mount it on the wall and use hooks and hangers to hang hand tools.

Storing in Lancaster PA

Our storage experts at S’More Space Storage can help you with all your storage and organization needs. If you run out of space in your shed or a garage, we will help you find the perfect storage you need. We are conveniently located in Landisville, PA and offer a wide variety of interior temperature-controlled units. So, you can store anything from garden tools to house furniture.

Call our facility or Rent online today!

Our holiday decorations sit in boxes for most of the year, why not store them somewhere accessible but out of the way? S’more Space Storage is getting you ready to take down the seasonal decor with holiday storage tips. Find ample storage space and organization tips with us!

Holiday Storage Tips lights

5 Holiday Storage Tips

  1. Hanging wreaths in storage will keep them lively and in perfect condition for next year.
  2. Use coffee tins or cardboard pieces to wrap string lighting.
  3. Clothing racks and shoe organizers will be helpful when storing wrapping paper.
  4. Make dividers out of cardboard for each ornament.
  5. Label boxes and use clear stackable containers in your storage unit.

HGTV and Good Housekeeping have more holiday storage tips. When you are ready to simplify your storing, check out available storage rentals at S’more Space Storage.

Our storage units are available online. Rent today and start moving your belongings to a trusted self storage facility in Salunga-Landisville PA.

  • Located in Landisville PA in between Mt Joy and Lancaster.
  • Easy access to I-283 and Route 30.
  • Temperature Controlled Storage & Drive-Up Storage Units
  • Competitive Storage Prices – The Best Value for your Budget
  • Moving Trucks Available
Landisville PA Charity

Whether the holidays for you mean spending time with your family, enjoying time to relax, or helping the less fortunate, S’more Space Storage is here to make this time of year a little less stressful. With our Landisville PA storage units, you are able to stash away all of your family’s holiday gifts. Additionally, if you are hosting your family this holiday season, make all the extra room in your home by storing with us! Our S’more Space Storage facility and team are giving back to the community this holiday season with our yearly Landisville PA charity initiative.

Having the opportunity to support a charity from our local community, allows us the chance to help make a major difference. We want to help those in need and surpass our level of customer service, as we support the Clare House.

About Clare House

For those not familiar with Clare House, this organization assists homeless women and children in a caring environment. Additionally, they are taught life skills training support, leading them to self-sufficiency. The women who are coming into the Clare House are homeless due to abusive relationships, addiction or a loss of a job. This program really helps these women and children build life skills in order to succeed and have a brighter future!

This holiday season join us at S’more Space Storage by supporting the Clare House for our Landisville PA charity initiative!

How You Can Help

  1. Buy chapstick, hair gel, or any cleaning or household products.
  2. Drop off these items to the office of S’more Space Storage by December 13, 2019!

S’more Space Storage Holiday Storage

Storage tips around the holiday season are extremely beneficial especially if you are hosting your family holiday meal this year. All the extra room you need this year can be made by renting a storage unit at S’more Space Storage. On top of making the extra room for all of your family, a storage unit can be ideal for hiding presents until the holiday arrives, along with having a secure location to store all of your seasonal decorations. Rent or reserve a unit at our Landisville PA facility today!

Are you getting ready for the holidays? Maybe cleaning out the house in preparation for the get-togethers and celebrations. If you come across items you no longer want, consider donating them! Where can you donate unwanted gear in the Lancaster PA area? Because S’more Space Storage is now a partner with Charity Storage and you can drop off your donations in the office! We are excited to be hosting a Landisville PA storage auction that gives back to our community. See how you can help!

How You Can Help

While cleaning up for the holidays, start packing a box of items from around the house you are not using. If you want to part with your gently used gear drop the box off in the office and our store manager will keep it safe.

Rather keep your belongings safe for the holidays? You can rent storage here too! At S’more Space Storage you can make space around the house by renting a storage unit or dropping donations for our upcoming Landisville PA storage auction with Charity Storage.

Landisville PA Storage Auction

What To Give

  • Toys
  • Clothing
  • Furniture
  • Tools
  • Household Supplies
  • Office Equipment

The options are endless and we are not turning any donations of slightly used items away. Our goal is to raise funds for the American Heart Association with your help.

Each online auction gives a percentage to our chosen organization, The American Heart Association, as well as Kure It Cancer Research and the SSA Scholarship. Be part of the given season here at S’more Space Storage with your donations.

Our storage units can keep your belongings safe while you prepare for life’s adventures. S’more Space Storage has a team of experts in the office to answer your questions and keep you on track with your move to storage. Stop by to talk about our partnership with Charity Storage or rent your storage unit.

Are you changing your items out for more appropriate tools or clothes for the season? S’more Space Storage can help you find storage space and storage supplies in Landisville PA. Trying to figure out how many boxes or even what tools you need can be your first task when moving and our experts can help.

S’more Space Storage is located in Landisville PA near Lancaster PA. Our storage units provide a safe place to store household belongings and business items. Renting self storage? Find all the supplies you need here at S’more Space Storage!

Storage Tools For Your Move

  1. Dust Covers – Place a heavy-duty cover on the floor as well as on top of furniture to keep your items protected.
  2. Moving Kit – Not sure where to start? Get the basics with the help of our moving kits.
  3. Locks – Secure your belongings after closing the storage unit door.
  4. Damp Rid – A moisture control product is recommended for an extra layer of protection against the condensation.
  5. Bubble Wrap – A layer of cushion can save your kitchenware while being transported to the storage unit.

Stop by our office anytime to find these storage supplies and more!

Helpful For Your Move and More

Our storage supplies are benefiting more than just our customers in the Lancaster PA area, they are supporting the Susan G Komen foundation. With your help, we will donate a portion of the merchandise sales to this foundation. They help recently diagnosed families and the search for a cure and you can help!

Online Moving Tools

This supply guide makes it easy to figure out how many boxes and other supplies you will need.

Looking for a moving truck in the Landisville PA area? S’more Space Storage is also a Penske moving truck rental location! Rent your storage unit, purchase supplies, and reserve a moving truck all in one location.

Use our storage calculator to start figuring out how much square footage your boxes and furniture need. Then rent your Landisville PA storage unit online!

The back to school season has arrived along with your busy schedule. How is it that local storage in Landisville PA can help you prepare for the school year? With having a little extra space, all your seasonal gear stored will be safe and secure until the next time you will need these items. Additionally, we have tips to help you organize your home in order to help you and your children get ready for the new year. Discover some of the ways in which our local self storage units help with the back to school season.

Tips For Organizing Your House

Planning out weekly meals and coordinating the family schedule is what the back to school season is all about. Get organized instantly with these valuable tips.

  1. Plan out in advance your meals for the week. On Sunday you can even start preparing parts of the meals to save you time.
  2. Post a morning and bedtime visual checklist for your children. This will help them get into a daily routine.
  3. Place hooks on your wall near an exit of the house. Hang school bags and work bags to save space and avoid clutter around the home.
  4. Create a homework station for your kids where they can concentrate on their school work. Whether it is a pop-down desk in their bedroom or a trifold display board you can use at any table, these are both great options.
  5. Establish a command center within your home that all family members can utilize. All of the following items could be used: wall calendar, weekly meal planner, dry erase board, younger kid visual schedule, chore charts, wall key holder and a paper bin tray for important documents.

Locate many more useful tips for organizing your home, here!

Local Storage Landisville PA

Outdoor Equipment Storage

  1. When it is time to put pedal bikes away there are few tips to keep in mind. (1) Clean the bike of all dirt and debris. (2) Lube the chain and cables. (3) Inflate the tires to prevent flat spots.
  2. After your last adventure, make sure you air out your tents and sleeping bags before storing them.
  3. Make use of our large storage units to store any of your kayaks, canoes, or paddleboards. This will prevent damage to any of these items from severe weather.
  4. Pack away and organize your camping gear into clear storage bins. After, label the outside of the bin with the contents found within.
  5. Before the winter months approach there are a few precautions you must take with your lawn care items. (1) Fill the gas tank and add a fuel additive. (2) Add air to the tires. (3) Change the oil.

Rent or reserve a storage unit for your seasonal gear today!

S’more Space Storage is your local storage option for the back to school season! Our options for indoor and outdoor storage units can be the storage solution you need to store any of your seasonal gear. Move your valuable seasonal items to local storage in Landisville PA, with who you trust at S’more Space Storage.

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Charity StorageS’more Space Storage is a proud supporter of Charity Storage. Stop by S’more Space Storage to see how you can help donate.