RV Boat and Vehicle Storage

Finding a safe and reliable place to store your recreational vehicles, boats, or other large vehicles can be a challenge, but at S’more Space Storage, we’ve got you covered. With facilities in both Willow Street and Landisville, Pennsylvania, we provide spacious and secure options tailored to accommodate the unique needs of RV, boat, and vehicle storage. Understanding the importance of maintaining the condition of your valuable assets, we go the extra mile to ensure they are protected while in our care.

Our outdoor storage solutions are not just about providing space; they are about delivering peace of mind. We have invested in top-tier security features to safeguard your possessions and provide easy access whenever you need it. From gated and fenced perimeters to 24-hour security camera surveillance and keypad access at entryways, we have thought of everything to make sure your RV, boat, or vehicle remains in pristine condition. In the following sections, we will delve into the details of our security measures and provide expert tips on how to prepare your items for storage, ensuring they stay in top shape during their stay at S’more Space Storage.

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Table of Contents

I. Security Features for RV Boat and Vehicle Storage

II. Prepping Your RV Boat or Vehicle for Storage

Unmatched Security for Your Prized Possessions

Security is paramount when it comes to storing valuable items like RVs, boats, and vehicles, and at S’more Space Storage, we take this responsibility very seriously. Our facilities in Willow Street and Landisville, Pennsylvania, are equipped with state-of-the-art security features designed to provide unparalleled protection for your prized possessions.

Gated Access and Fenced Perimeter: Our facilities are fully enclosed, ensuring that only authorized individuals can enter, significantly reducing the risk of unauthorized access and potential theft.

24-Hour Security Camera Surveillance: Strategically placed cameras monitor all activity, providing a comprehensive view of the property and acting as a strong deterrent against potential thieves.

Keypad Access at Entryways: An additional layer of security is provided through digital access control, ensuring that only those with the correct access code can enter the facility.

Commitment to Safety: The combination of these security features reflects our commitment to providing a safe and secure environment for storing your RV, boat, or vehicle.

Peace of Mind: With state-of-the-art security measures in place, customers can rest assured knowing that their valuable possessions are well-protected at all times.

Our security features at S’more Space Storage are designed to offer unmatched protection, ensuring that your prized possessions are kept safe and secure while in storage.


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Prepping Your RV, Boat, or Vehicle for Storage

When it comes to storing your RV, boat, or vehicle, taking the proper preparatory steps is crucial for ensuring its preservation and maintaining its condition. Proper preparation not only protects your investment but also ensures that your vehicle is ready to use when you need it. Below, we’ll go through the specific steps for each type of vehicle.

RV Preparation

Cleaning: Thoroughly clean the interior and exterior of your RV. This prevents mold, mildew, and pests, and it also ensures that any potential issues are visible and can be addressed before storage.

Engine and Battery Maintenance: Change the oil and check all fluids. Disconnect the battery or connect it to a trickle charger to maintain its charge.

Tire Care: Inflate the tires to the proper pressure and consider using tire covers to protect them from weather damage.

Ventilation: Leave the vents slightly open to ensure proper air circulation and to prevent moisture buildup.

Boat Preparation

Thorough Cleaning: Clean the boat inside and out, ensuring that it is completely dry before storage to prevent mildew.

Engine Care: Flush the engine with fresh water and fill the gas tank, adding a fuel stabilizer to prevent corrosion.

Battery Maintenance: Remove the battery and store it in a cool, dry place, or connect it to a trickle charger.

Cover Up: Use a high-quality cover to protect your boat from dust, pests, and moisture.

Vehicle Preparation

Clean and Wax: Wash your vehicle thoroughly and apply a coat of wax to protect the paint.

Top Off Fluids: Ensure that all fluids are at the proper levels and consider changing the oil.

Maintain the Battery: Disconnect the battery or connect it to a trickle charger to ensure it doesn’t lose its charge.

Protect the Tires: Inflate the tires to the recommended pressure and consider using tire covers to protect them from the elements.

By following these preparation steps, you are not only ensuring the longevity and functionality of your RV, boat, or vehicle, but you are also taking full advantage of the security and protection offered by our storage facilities at S’more Space Storage.

Secure and Prepare for Peace of Mind

At S’more Space Storage, we understand the value and importance of your RV, boat, and vehicle, which is why we offer unmatched security features and encourage thorough preparation before storage. Our gated and fenced facilities, 24-hour security cameras, and keypad access at entryways are designed to provide you with peace of mind, knowing that your prized possessions are secure and well-protected.

Taking the time to properly prepare your RV, boat, or vehicle for storage not only complements our security measures but also ensures that your items remain in top condition, ready for use whenever you need them. We pride ourselves on offering a storage solution that combines security with convenience, allowing you to enjoy your adventures without worry. Choose S’more Space Storage for a storage experience that values both the safety of your belongings and the ease of your experience.


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