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Basement Storage Ideas

Are you ready to reorganize your basement? S’more Space Storage will help you optimize your basement space while providing storage options for your belongings. 

Basement Storage Ideas

Finished & Unfinished Basement Storage Ideas

Moisture-Proof Long-Term Storage

When you’re storing your belongings for the duration of an estate or cleanup, it’s essential to protect them from moisture and dust. Airtight containers will keep out pests as well! Consider stacking more than one container if need be; just make sure that they are airtight so nothing leaks inside- this includes any water damage present too (though we recommend adding a dehumidifier). We suggest keeping these items in specific areas of your basement so they are easy to find once ready to use.

Utilize Wall & Ceiling Space

Some people store their items on the floor space in their basements while others use wall space. If you have limited room and want to maximize what’s available, consider hanging up coats or jackets on hooks installed into your walls with shelving units that can be placed against them for added storage capacity – just make sure there isn’t any potential conflict between objects stored near each other. Hooks can be purchased online or at a local hardware store. 

Install a Clothing Rack

Clothing racks are a great way to keep your clothes organized and in mint condition. Hanging them up will keep the wrinkles away, so you can wear each item with confidence when it’s time for another party! For those who don’t own one yet consider purchasing one as a way to keep your clothing items out of the way. Clothing racks can make a great addition to your basement and with the correct placement, they will not take up too much space. You can use these to store other items as well such as bags, belts, scarves, and more. 

Section Off the Room

When you have a cluttered basement, it can be difficult to find storage space for all of your belongings. We recommend organizing items based on their use. Separate your belongings that will not be used often and place unused storage bins in the corners of the room. If your basement has furniture that is used often, make sure there aren’t any extra items in the way. If you still need assistance with keeping your basement organized and need to separate more of the space, invest in some of the following items: 

S’more Space Storage in Landisville, PA

If you are remodeling your basement and need a place to store some of your extra belongings, visit S’more Space Storage. Our facility is located in Landisville Pennsylvania and we have a variety of storage solutions for your items. Whether you need a temperature-controlled unit or a unit with drive-up access, we’ve got you covered. Unsure as to which storage unit to rent? Check out our storage calculator tool to help you determine the best unit size for your belongings. In addition, we offer outdoor parking for vehicles such as RVs, boats, and cars. Don’t wait any longer, and rent with S’more Space Storage today! 



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