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Tips for Making Space for Your DIY Home Gym

Trying to get the best use of your current space as possible? Design a space in your home for yoga, lifting, or even some cardio. S’more Space Storage in Landisville, PA, is here to help you make your home gym layout conducive for your summer workout plan. Enjoying working out but not a fan of expensive gym memberships or can’t make it there everyday? Devote some of your home to a gym! Your mind, body, and home sale value will benefit.

Home Gym & Home Office Tips

How You Can DIY a Home Gym or Home Office with Your Space

We are all looking for ways to make our home a little cozier. As the weather cools down and you are spending more time indoors, think about ways you can create a home that you love that can fully serve you. 

If you are someone working from home, you need a dedicated work area to be productive and stay on task. Not to mention, you need to be able to keep that work-from-home life separate from the home life. Transform your home by clearing out space with self storage. Move items you do not use day to day in our care, and you are free to set up a home gym, custom office space, and more.

Creating Your DIY Home Gym

Creating a dedicated space for a home gym can significantly elevate your fitness journey and seamlessly integrate workouts into your daily routine. Having the convenience of a gym within arm’s reach proves invaluable. But before you begin assembling that treadmill or setting down yoga mats, it’s essential to declutter and optimize space around your home. The first step for setting up a home gym is determining how much space you will need for your equipment and which room in your home could best house it all. Whether it’s repurposing that seldom-used guest room, rearranging the furniture in your living area, or maximizing a corner of your garage, every square foot counts. Prioritize the removal of any unnecessary items, consider multifunctional furniture, and envision a layout that keeps your gym equipment organized and easily accessible. By creating a dedicated workout space, you’re not only investing in your physical well-being but also in the functionality and efficiency of your home environment.

At S’more Space Storage, we have indoor and outdoor storage, as well as vehicle parking, so we can take care of all your belongings close by. Move your extra items into our Landisville storage facility to clear up space. Then follow these tips to build your ideal workout space right in your own home!

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Self Storage & Your Home Office

Working remotely for the first time? Maybe your business is booming and you need more space in your home office. Or maybe you are a college student taking classes remotely this school year. In today’s digital age, the need for a dedicated home office space has never been more pronounced. 

To carve out this essential nook in your home, start by assessing underutilized areas: perhaps a guest room that’s rarely occupied, a large closet that can be transformed with some ingenuity, or even a quiet corner in the living room. Decluttering is your best ally in this process. Pare down unnecessary items, choose furniture that serves multiple purposes, and consider vertical storage solutions to maximize space. Floating shelves, wall-mounted desks, or fold-down tables can be particularly effective in tighter spots. Remember, with thoughtful planning and a bit of creativity, even the coziest of homes can boast a functional and inspiring home office.

S’more Space Storage is here to help you take control of your clutter and take advantage of the space you have! Our storage units are a great solution to make room at home. Use our indoor storage units for your document storage needs or our drive-up storage units for furniture storage. We have secure solutions for all of your belongings. Talk to our storage experts to see what kind of storage unit would work best for you!

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Get Started with S’more Space Storage in Landisville, PA

Excited to find more space for your belongings? Choose from S’more Space Storage’s drive up and temperature-controlled storage to help make room around your home for a renovated office or gym space. With convenient resources on our website and expert assistance when you need it, it is easy to rent a storage unit online! Our contact-free rentals and reservations are available for all our storage units. Visit our website, call our team on-site, or stop by our storage facility near Lancaster to find your storage space. 

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