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How to Get Rid of Clothes Moths in Storage

Not sure how to get rid of the clothes moths that have found their way into your storage space? S’more Space Storage knows these pests are not fun to deal with, but we have advice to help you clear them from your storage for good. Let us show you how you can clean away the damage done and prevent it from happening in the future!

how to get rid of clothes moths

How to Get Rid of Clothes Moths & Keep Them Away

Diagnose the Damage

Are you dealing with clothes moths or another pest? Finding out is your first step, since it will determine how you handle the situation. If you see holes and webbing in your stored clothing, your pest is most likely clothes moths—especially if the effected materials are fur, cashmere, wool, or similar. Clothes moths prefer animal fabrics. The larvae stages of the moth is when they are a threat, but as adults, the casemaking clothes moth and the webbing clothes moth are about 1 cm long and yellow or gray in color.

Clean & Clean Some More

Once you know that clothes moths are what is causing the damage in your storage space, clean them out! Start by going through storage bins to pick out any fabrics that are damaged past the point of fixing. All remaining items should get thrown in the washing machine for a warm wash—unless the washing directions on the tag say to dry clean. After your belongings are handled, clean your storage space. Especially if you have carpeting, it is worth going the extra mile to shampoo or steam clean on top of thoroughly vacuuming. Make sure you throw out your vacuum bag immediately.

Prevent Future Clothes Moth Damage

So how can you make sure this does not happen again? The steps for preventing clothes moths are simple. Try to avoid creating conditions in your storage space that might attract them. They like dark, humid spaces, so moving the items in your space around periodically can save you a lot of hassle. If the storage space is in your house, leave the door open to let some air in and turn on lights as you are accessing it. If the space is a storage unit, you can visit semi-frequently for periods of airflow. Reorganizing your boxes and bins every once in a while will also prevent them from getting stationary and presenting themselves as a nice place to house pests.

S’more Space Storage in Landisville, PA—Also Serving Lancaster!

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