Top 3 Tips for Storing Tailgating Gear

Are you one of the dedicated fans that heads out to the stadium no matter what the weather is doing? Your tailgating equipment can take quite a beating after a long season, but with seasonal storage from S’more Space Storage you have options. Storing summer’s fun does not have to get strategically packed in the garage. Use these solutions to store your sports gear, clothes, and outdoor party supplies.

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Stay away from hazardous materials

One of the items you can not bring back to the unit to store consist of flammable or combustible materials. Any lighter fluid or lighters should be taken with you. Use them to have a backyard BBQ or save them till next year. If you decide to save them, remember to store them somewhere cool and dry.

Keep it accessible

When you arrive at your unit you want to get what you need and get to the game. So, in order to make it the most efficient trip every time, section off your space. Designate an area for outdoor equipment, clothes, etc. If you do this, you can find what tools you need right away. If you are a regular tailgater consider storing these items closer to the front.

Sort before you store

Two large bins should suffice for all your tailgating equipment. Decide which one will be used for serving utensils and which for outdoor equipment. If the bins are large enough you can store the canopy and chairs so you only need to make one trip when it is time for the game. While you are putting everything away look for anything that needs replaced. If it is broken or just does not get used, discard it.

When it comes time to swap your equipment S’more Space Storage has seasonal storage. Utilize our storage units the next time you need a little extra space.