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Preparing for storage is just as important as finding the right kind of storage. S’more Space Storage offers storage solutions as well as resources to assure you have the easiest possible experience. We have interior and exterior storage units and sell storage supplies at our Landisville PA facility. Our staff members can help you find the necessary amenities and storage dimensions for the items you are looking to store. You can get started by looking through our available storage units. Then when you start packing up your belongings, follow these tips to keep your items safe.

1. Wrap Glasses and Other Breakables

Typically, you will store your breakable objects with other fragile items (for example, glasses and mugs). It is a good habit to wrap each piece individually before putting it into the box. At the very least, have a layer of cardboard, newspaper, or bubble wrap in between objects so they do not end up crashing into one another. You can use whatever you have available as padding in your boxes. Even washcloths and pillow cases can help.

2. Get Quality Boxes

Old boxes that you get from a friend might be able to fit your large items inside, but they have a greater risk of breaking under the weight. Pack heavy objects in smaller boxes and light objects in larger boxes to keep your boxes from getting too heavy. If you need any more boxes or wish to purchase new boxes, our office sells storage supplies for the Landisville PA community. We are donating a percentage of our October storage supplies sales to Susan G. Komen to go toward breast cancer research.

We Sell Storage Supplies in Landisville PA!

S’more Space Storage is located on Stony Battery Road in Landisville PA. With temperature-controlled, interior, and drive-up storage units available to rent or reserve, we have everything you need for short-term or long-term storage. And if you need any storage supplies on the Landisville PA facility premises, come over to our office. Get started with us today!

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