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Staging for a successful sale with our self storage solutions

What is the best way to get prospective buyers to your open house? Your realtor may suggest a little staging, and S’more Space Storage can make the process even easier. Self storage solutions provide the opportunity to spruce your space but also stay on budget. When you are ready view the tips below for easy home ideas.

Landisville PA self storage solutions

Large living spaces

Before tackling any room make a few edits. Section off must have belongings from the extras. If you are packing most memorabilia or family photos, a small storage unit will do best. With the new found space arrange the furniture you have for a better flow. The heavily traveled areas should have no obstructions.

Key rooms to focus on

Spend extra time scrubbing the kitchen and bathroom. These two rooms are most important when listing your home. Clean hard water stains with vinegar and get rid of drain smells with baking soda. Put out the best set of towels and keep them clean for listings. Your kitchen is at its best when there is very little on the counter. Only present what is used on a regular basis, everything else can be secured in a storage unit.

A quick revamp

Need to stage the house fast? Touch up scuffs on the wall with a a fresh coat of paint. If you are looking for a little more drama in a space, think about painting one wall with a color that works for the space. Clean your windows inside and out to allow the most light in. The next day it is sunny open them up for vibrant light. Lastly, remember storage space is a big seller, so clean out your closets and store the rest with us.

From a complete house flip to a few quick touch ups, S’more Space Storage is ready to help. Our self storage solutions make moving easier.