Spring Cleaning With Pinterest

It’s that time of year, the weather is warming up, the birds are chirping and its time to start spring cleaning. S’more Space Storage is ready to help you kick out the winter clutter and start spring cleaning with Pinterest. Keep reading for easy links and tips to follow this spring.

Spring Cleaning with Pinterest


Planning is key:

  • Pinterest is a big site with many helpful links. Keep them easily accessible when you need them. Organize the information you find into boards that make sense to you.
  • Take a second to verify the picture is linked to an active site, and has all the information you need.
  • Come up with a schedule and checklist to follow so you don’t get overwhelmed.

Tackle the clutter:

  • Look for ways to clean the odd items in your home and achieve the extra wow factor you were looking for.
  • Use supplies you already have to cut down on the waste and keep the budget happy. Search for reuse and recycle ideas.
  • Switching rooms around or moving a whole house? Stay on top of all the stresses of moving with this easy guide.
  • These simple bedroom hacks will keep the clutter away all season.
  • Don’t let the closet take over your bedroom. Find storage solutions to help you save space.
  • There will be cookouts and outside BBQ parties, make sure your kitchen and outdoor space are ready.

Organize your information:

  • Prepare for an emergency with an ICE book, (In Case of Emergency). Have all your documents in one location for easy finding during for those overwhelming moments.
  • Create a family command center or family calendar to keep track of the shopping list, after school activities and appointments.
  • Stop stressing about the bills and come up with a budget and pay off plan for all your expenses.

No matter what project you are facing S’more Space Storage has the best ways to make it easy. Kick out the winter clutter and start spring cleaning with Pinterest. Stop in today to talk about all the possibilities.