Self Storage Tips Before Moving Items to the Storage Unit

Cooler weather means swapping your equipment and S’more Space Storage is here to help. Our Landisville PA storage units are secure and convenient for families and businesses. As many restaurants close the patio seating for fall, and families settle in to their new homes, our Landisville PA storage units provide an easy convenient storage solution to staying organized.

Self storage tips to prep for fall

Self Storage Tips Landisville PA

  • Interior storage offers another level of security. The summer days get hot and the winter winds are chilly, but store your gear in an interior storage unit and prevent changing weather from changing your items.
  • Pool supplies, what do you do with them in the winter? A small self storage unit keeps these toys and tools organized so you can enjoy the start of warm weather and not have to worry about finding new items.
  • Grills are many families main source of cooking when the house is to hot for the oven. Storage during the winter is a solution that will keep the grill cooking for summers to come.
  • For the avid gardeners in the area, inspect tools before placing them in storage. Landscaping businesses, it is time to swap your equipment too. Find a unit for tools and work trucks here!
  • Label boxes to decipher between business paperwork and this seasons latest wardrobe.
  • Soap and water do the trick when cleaning patio furniture before winter storage.

Self storage in Landisville PA is easy when you store at S’more Space Storage. We have experts that know just what storage unit you need and self storage tips to get you started. Our drive up units make storing a few items from around the house easier. When the weather gets cooler think of self storage for the RV, vehicle and even boxes of seasonal gear.

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