Packing tips to prepare for successful storage

What do you need to do to prepare your gear for storage this year? Let S’more Space Storage answer those questions with our storage packing tips. Learn how to store your most prized possessions while you search for the right house or while you get the current space in shape. Spring is all about refreshing and renewing after a long winter, and there is no better way to make this a reality then with our Landisville PA storage.

During these final weeks of winter let us help you pack for your next move to storage.

Landisville PA storage packing tips

  • Our office is filled with the tools needed to keep your belongings safe in storage. Boxes, tape, packing materials, all here to help!
  • Just because the largest box holds all the books from your shelves, does not mean it can withstand the weight. Pack with a weigh capacity in mind.
  • Make use of large space in a dresser by storing pillows in drawers. Keep it lightweight since you will have to carry it out.
  • Your formal wear should be in garment bags and suspended from a rack or hook.
  • Talk with the store manager to decide which unit is right for you. Temperature controlled is highly recommended when storing precious antiques.
  • Keep in mind what boxes should go in your unit first. These may be harder to access if they are in the back.
  • To avoid unpacking everything the next time you come to the facility mark the top and side with a general description of contents.
  • Make as few trips as possible, by renting a moving truck. Our store manager can give you some suggestions of who to rely on in our community.

Swap the snow blower for your patio furniture just in time for spring. With our storage packing tips you can focus on the summer vacations because S’more Space Storage is protecting your gear!

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