Get Ready for the Landisville PA Holiday Season With Us

Drive up storage units, vehicle storage, and moving supplies are all waiting for you at S’more Space Storage. Self storage near Lancaster PA and Landisville PA make it ideal for the local business owners to store with us. Considering a move to the area? Stop in our office to take a look around our storage facility and pick up moving supplies to ease your belongings into storage. Our storage is also helping during the holidays. As we prepare for the Landisville PA holiday season, we need your help to donate to a charity in need.

Here at S’more Space Storage we enjoy helping out local businesses when they need storage space but we also like to help them support their business. With a close by neighbor like the Raven Ridge Wildlife Center, it is easy to assist. Check out what they need before the winter weather comes.

Landisville PA Holiday

Why Raven Ridge Wildlife Center?

Raven Ridge Wildlife Center is located in Washington Boro PA and works on rehabilitating our Pennsylvania habitat. With more and more people coming to the area, and invasive species hurting our animal population our natural habitat needs someone fighting to revive it. The staff here help native birds and mammals after illness. They also educate the community with classes and public wildlife seminars.

Originally started in 2015 by Tracie Young, the wildlife center has rehabilitated nearly 2000 animals every year. If the animal makes a full recovery, it is released back into the wild, but the center also cares for several non-releasable animals. They focus on doing what is best for the animal and the environment.

With donations, the Raven Ridge Wildlife Center will continue to strengthen our local environment.

Self Storage: The Key To An Organized New Year

Now that your Landisville PA holiday is well under way, get your new year self storage options ready at S’more Space Storage. Our self storage can store seasonal items like Christmas lights or decorations from the yard, or consider our self storage in Lancaster PA for the antique car as well. Our large storage units are both interior and drive up self storage.

Ready to rent extra space? Rent online or give us a call