Do You Need Commercial Storage?

Is your business inventory starting to take over your home? It is probably time to start looking at alternative storage options. S’more Space Storage in Landisville PA has everything you need from interior temperature-controlled storage units to drive-up storage units and parking spaces. We are your go-to source of commercial storage for Landisville PA and the surrounding area. See what we can do for you and your business!

Large Indoor Storage Units in Landisville PA

Benefits of Commercial Storage

Just because you might run your business from your house does not mean you have to give up your personal storage space. Reclaim your closets and basement by renting a storage unit near your home. Access your items whenever you need to during access hours, and keep clutter out of your house. Commercial storage is also helpful to businesses that need to large amounts of inventory. Storage units can be set up to organize products and keep track of important files.

Contactless Storage Rentals

S’more Space Storage offers contactless storage rentals to make renting storage easier than ever. Choose to rent or reserve a parking space or one of our interior, temperature-controlled, or drive-up storage units. Renting completes the transaction right away, and you can move your items in immediately. To reserve, you can choose a later move-in date and complete the transaction another day before that date.

Temperature Control

Certain items require temperature-controlled storage. This includes business inventory, antiques, electronics, and books. High heat, low temperatures, and fluctuations in temperatures can cause damage like mold, disfiguring, and possibly attracting pests. Temperature control alleviates those risks to keep your items in the same condition you left them.

Professions That Use Commercial Storage 

  • Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives
  • Interior Designers/Home Stagers
  • Collectors
  • Contractors
  • Retail Shops

Commercial Storage in Landisville, PA, at S’more Space Storage

Make S’more Space Storage your one-stop shop for commercial storage near Landisville, PA. Our month-by-month leasing gives you flexibility to only pay for the space and time you need. Talk to one of our experts to see how S’more Space Storage can help your business excel.

We offer a wide variety of storage units to fit your needs and allow you to adjust your space as your needs change. Our indoor and temperature-controlled storage units provide ideal protection for your moisture-sensitive items through Pennsylvania seasons. The consistent temperature range wards off damages like rust, mold, and any misshaping. If you are looking to take on larger loads or specifically need quick access to your items, a drive-up storage unit could be best. You can bring your vehicle right up to the storage unit door to unload. Save money on renting warehouse and office space by finding an alternative space with self storage!

Rent or reserve your space now! You can find everything you need online through our contactless storage rentals. We offer a quick and easy way for local businesses to find and rent their space-saving solutions. Browse what we have available for different features and sizes, and call our office if you run into any issues or have questions. Get started with S’more Space Storage today!

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